Phillip Terrell


Experience Counts

Phillip Terrell believes in justice for violent criminals, respect for all victims, and hope for those who deserve a second chance. As our District Attorney for the past 6 years, he has used these guiding principles to build a justice system that keeps Rapides Parish safe and our families strong.

As our District Attorney, Phillip has:

  • Built a fair, accessible and experienced team of prosecutors.
  • Established a Youth Task Force to reduce youth crime and truancy.
  • Prosecuted those who prey on children or commit crimes against the elderly.
  • Prioritized safety and justice for victims of family violence.
  • Managed cases involving substance abuse with compassion and sound judgement.
  • Provided rapid response to cases involving fraud related to the COVID 19 crisis.
Phillip Terrell for DA

About Phillip Terrell

  • Has served as your Rapides Parish District Attorney for 6 years
  • Presided as Pineville City Judge for almost 18 years
  • Worked as the Pineville City Prosecutor and City Attorney for 7 years
  • Practiced law in Rapides Parish for over 31 years
  • Member of the Red River Delta Law Enforcement Commission for 17 years
  • Lifetime NRA Member
  • Phillip is a graduate of Louisiana College and LSU Law Center
  • Phillip and his wife, Vicki, attend Calvary Baptist Church and are the parents of three children: Megan, Shelby and Mason.

As your District Attorney, our office will:

  • Continue to prosecute violent criminals to the fullest extent of the law
  • Advocate for victims and families of violent crimes, who are often forgotten in the criminal justice system
  • Pursue and strengthen relationships between the District Attorney’s Office and law enforcement agencies
  • Expand our collaborative school Truancy Program that has proven successful in keeping at risk children attending school regularly
  • Advance our model D.A. Diversion Program which allows nonviolent first-time offenders the opportunity to seek appropriate mental health or substance abuse treatment in lieu of serving jail time.